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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 23, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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your homes. thank you for watching. "lou dobbs" is next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. ♪ lou: -- so that mr. trump could give his state of the union address. the president now vow to give that address at an alternative location and to keep fighting to build the wall or steel barrier to secure or southern border and resolve our national crisis. >> she doesn't want to hear the truth and she doesn't want to hear, more importantly, the american people to hear the truth.
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i think that's a great blotch on the incredible country that we all love. it's a great, great horrible mark. i don't believe it's ever happened before and it's always good to be part of history. but this is a negative part of history. lou: we'll take up the unprecedented developments over the battle of the border wall. congressman matt gaetz joins us, columnist michael goodwin, historian doug wead. tonight the trump administration stands behind the people of venezuela as they take to the streets calling for a return to democracy and end to the socialist regime of nicolas maduro. we bring you the latest on the protesttests in the country. and the latest on the radical dimms outrageous attacks on high school students who were smeared by celebrities,
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politicians and the national left-wing media. the covington high school administration even took the aside of their attackers. here's the teenager at the center of the confrontation. >> people judge me based off of one expression. which i wasn't smirking but people have assumed. and tha they've labeled me as a racist person. lou: and all of the young students with him. we'll hear more from him and take up the hatred of the radical dimms and the left. it's getting worse, not better. our top story tonight, prominent radical dimm speaker nancy pelosi inviting history's judgment, playing ugly politics denying the president the floor of the house of representative to give his state of the union address. motivated by politics, she withdrew ore invitation that had been accepted by prurch to presp
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to deliver his state of the union address. for the latest we turn to edward lawrence in washington. ed. >> yeah, nancy pelosi else awes thausshe's not concerned about e precedent that this setsd denying the state of the union in the house chambers. late today she sent a letter to donald trump, in that letter saying she would not consider the current resolutions need for the president to address the joint chamber in the house chambers. vice president mike pence in an exclusive interview with trish reagan disappointed. >> i have to tell you for speaker pelosi to reject the president's propeels befor prope gave his speech should tell the american people everything they need to know about the posture that democrats have taken in washington, d.c. the american people deserve better. 7800,000 federal employees deserve better. >> and the white house will give her a backup location at this point to hold the state of the union address.
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they are moving forward with plans to hold it next week. now for the democrat side, they're brushing off the snub saying that the president could submit it in writing or another date. >> let's vote together and mutually agreeable date and we can welcome you to the capitol for a state of the union address. the government is still shutdown. i still make the offer. >> and the house speaker would like to have the date after the government shutdown ends. in a new fox news poll that just came out it says that most americans believe it should be delivered as usual. 56% of voters believe the address should be delivered as usual. 33% say it could be skipped, 11% unsure what to do. but the house speaker telling us she's not concerned about the precedent that this sets going forward. lou: well she says she isn't. one could hardly believe her. edward lawrence, thank you so
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much. many complex political and raw emotion drawing the capitol. how will the president govern in the nays o face of irrational resistance. joining us tonight, congressman matt gaetz. good to have you with us. your thoughts on what in the world is happening toe the democratic party. >> boy, it is quite a lot to keep up with, lou. first the democrats voted for a wall, then said it was racist and immoral and now they don't want president trump to talk about a wall in congress in delivering the state of the union address. you look at what's going on in the world today. venezuela is on fire, a country breaking down, a humanitarian crisis on our border. terrorists and special interest aliens trying to enter our country illegally. and what nancy pelosi is focused on is where donald trump can give a speech? i mean, give me a break. if there was any mistake the
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president made, it wasn't canceling nancy pelosi's trip to afghanistan. i would have canceled her trip home from afghanistan. it strikes me as a nonsensical thing to do with so many issues before the country to focus on where the president will be standing when he convincingly makes the case that a border wall that's security on the southern border with mexico should be the top priority of this congress. lou: this border wall is now the center piece of what is a president confronting unprecedented resistance from a party that is supposed to be the loyal opposition. there has never been the like of this in american history. it is stunning to watch. it is awful to hear. and it is, in no way, showing any signs of abating. what is the president to do here and how must he govern? >> he's going to have to use emergency funds at some point po get us out of this, lou. there is no way for this
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president to turn his back on the forgotten americans who want safe streets, rising wages and the rule of law to govern this country. we're going to have to find funds that have been lawfully appropriated for barriers, security, national defense and they're going to have to use the money along the southern border. the democrats won't take a win-win. the president offered them a proposal that would alu them to win on an issue they care about, in daca while we got the border warrior that we needed. they wouldn't accept it. where is the democratic proposal for border security. if they don't believe in a physical barrier, what the hell do they believe in. why don't we see something to take action rather than sit around telling the president he's got to walk down the street to give the state of the union. lou: in fairness or at least to set the complete story here, tenney hoyer contradicting the speaker saying he for one
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believes the barriers are an important part of the solution. >> of course they are. who doesn't believe this. who believes this that our border is less safe if we build a physical barrier. who is it that believes that the caravans are going to be stopped by a drone. these caravans are thousands of people, lou. they don't stop. they keep forming. and every time the democrats in congress talk about amnesty, a few hundred people join a caravan. what they're doing is dangerous for the country. and if we have some attack that occuroccurs here because they dt secure the border, the blood will be on their hands. lou: the blood will also be on the hands of the previous speaker and his cadre of leaders in your house that you serve. i have to say, this president has faced -- and i think you put it exactly correctly. there is only one way forward and that is an honest straightforward declaration of a national emergency. that's where we are. we're looking at venezuela, a
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nation afire right now and the president, to his credit, recognizing the new interim president. central america, nation after nation, it's not an accident that those caravans are being driven toward the united states southern border. there is the influence of china in this hemisphere. it goes on. >> iran. you look at iran making a play for venezuela. lou: making a play and also one of its warships scheduled to make a port call within the next six months. >> how are we going to solve any problems if we won't thereon the president of the united states. there has to be a win-win for the democrats. lou: this is straightforwardly national security. it is straightforwardly the national security and that of our neighbors in central america, latin america, and this president has no choice but to act and act i am confident he will. but this is a time -- you know,
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this nonsense with nancy pelosi. this is a disgrace and it's the disgrace that will be born by the democratic party. >> i think a lot of these federal workers who are going to work and want to get paid will be relieved if they saw this president say, you know what, enough of the games within enough of the pettiness within this is a speaker of the house that literally won't even open the door for me to walk in and deliver my address. we're going to start doing stuff. we're going to start checking things off of the to-do list. we're going to get the wall built. we're going to pay people who are patriots showing up for work and i think the country is ready for that. lou: i think the country is ready to get the wall built. the country is ready for the president to assert a national emergency to deal with the threats that we face. i don't think the country is ready for another deal in which the democrats put forward a boss nlpossibility that there will ia secure border. the hell with any more games.
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i've had a belly full of what happens on capitol hill. >> well we need to do other stuff too. we need e verify, we need to get rid of sanctuary cities. lou: chien migration. >> chain migration. but all of those problems get way easier to solve if you build the wall first. if you don't build a wall, all of the other reforms become far more difficult because of the volume of people. lou: it's straightforward. we cannot in any way reform immigration if we can't control immigration, we can't control immigration without a secure border. it'>> absolutely. i think the american people get that. and the question is whether or not democrats will ever feel the pressure to bring something to the table to meet basic security needs of the country. lou: i still believe in the people of this country. and when those democrats see howdies gusted americans are at
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the contact of the speaker of the house and particularly toward this president, i think you're going to find new friends quickly. congressman, good to have you with us as always. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, the national left-wing media using a confrontation between a young high school student and a native american activist to attack president trump. >> do you think if you weren't wearing that hat this might not have happened or it might have been different? >> just think about the symbol of the red hat. when i see the make america great again hat, i am triggered. >> to some it is merely a hat that donned a political slogan that the president popularized. but for others it has become an invitation for confrontations. >> why do we keep making the same mistake. >> because we're desperate to get trump out of office. that's why. lou: unbelievable. what triggers you?
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could it trigger you to have someone beating a drum in your face or to watch someone beac bg a drum in the face of a kid and why weren't people triggered at the scene. we'll take that up and much more at the break. presidential historian doug wead and michael goodwin, they're with us next. stay with us. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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lou: a kentucky high school student says he had every right to stand his ground in the face of an aggressive native american activist who approached him beating a drum right in his face. his comments come on the same day that his high school reopened with extra security because of threats. threats. fox news correspondent doug mcelway is in covington, kentucky tonight. he has the latest for us. >> classes resumed at covington catholic high school today with all entrances blocked by police to all but the school community. that as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for the first time joined other kentucky lawmakers, senator rand paul and thomascy in condemning the rush to judgment. >> in a matter of hours these stients were tried, convicted and sentenced by the media where
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acura is irrelevant and the presumption of innocence does not exist. >> a presumption of innocence is hard to reclaim as student grant hillman isd is discovering. >> i've never heard such cruel things wished upon another human buildings. it's just awful. >> in his first tv appearance, student nick sandmann explained his thinking as the standoff ensued. >> i'm not sure where he wanted to go and if he would have wanted to walk past me i would have let him go. i wish he would have walked i way. i knew as long as i kept my composure it would hopefully die. >> the other man in the standoff said he would like to meet with the covington boys. he said sandmann did not apologize but i have faith that
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human beings can use a moment like this to jane understanding from one another. the catholic news service reported today that last saturday, the day after the march, phillips and a group of 20 tried to interrupt mass with drum beats and chanting pap guard described the incident as very upsetting. amid the controversy lawyer robert barnes today delivered an ultimatum. retract lin libelous attacks ore sued. >> that includes anybody with a substantial social media platform. if you've said anything false about these kids, they're willing to extend you a 24-hour time period, a period of grace for you to through confession get resemishun and retract and correct and apologize. >> shortly after that, a congressman in minnesota, the leadeleted the tweet. she posted the tweet late last
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night well after the narrative had been discredited. in covington, kentucky, fox news. lou: well, there we are. life in america 2019. well joining us tonight, presidential historian doug wead and also with us fox business contributor michael goodwin. good to have you both with us. let's start with michael. the school itself, its administrators, started talking about expelling these kids before they knew what the hell was going on. >> lou, i think when you step back from this understand incidf the things that you have to conclude is that without donald trump this kind of incident would have remained one-sided. but the president has taught conservatives and republicans how to fight back against this, you know, coercive liberalism that wants to dictate everything and define everything.
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lou: fascism is ugly in every way. >> so i think that school administrators, they went along with the way that things usually play out. members of congress who just follow along. so i give these kids and their family a lot of credit for standing up gengs that. lou: against that. lou: they stood there mannered, con straindzconstrained, discipd thank god we have young people like this who keep their heads in very tough circumstances. doug wead, have you ever seen anything like what's going on in this country right now? i'm a product of the '60s and i thought i had seen a few things. it just -- this is ugly and it's intentionally so and it is purposeful. >> yeah. well, you know, in the house of representatives, we saw one
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congressman cane another congressman almost to death. lou: i don't want to stand between those two gentlemen if they choose to do that. i'm much more concerned about these young students who have to contend with fraudulent activists who care not whether they are truthful, straightforward or whether they're -- if they've chosen to pick on a child for crying out loud. >> this is a bad time. we've had streaks of anti-semitism and anti-catholicism. lou: but i'm trying to -- doug, forgive me. but i'm trying -- i would like to get your perspective on what is happening when activists, so-called, in the name of their partisan cause, for whatever reason, are willing to accost kids like that, lie about it and try to make a national political point. >> it's bigotry and we've had it, we still have it. and lou, this is one story
7:23 pm
that's exposed what's really heartbreakinheartbreaking is ths happening all day long. the media doing the same thing to others and it's not exposed. so thank god that one has been shown for what it is and there are a lot more where this one came from. lou: nancy pelosi has been shown for what she is. he is saying the hell with tradition, with propriety, acting in pure partisan pettiness. >> look, her refusal to negotiate and now the state of the union, rescinding the invitation. at some point i hope that the general public will catch on that she is totally abdicating her responsibilities here. lou: you saw tonight's fox news poll. 56% of folks want the speech. >> yeah, for all of the clammer for change, we don't want to overthrow or institutions entirely. we don't want to destroy
7:24 pm
everything in the process. i don't think that's what that represents. lou: this clammer for change. the clammer for change could take a number of directions. and we had one president who talked about hope and change without attending any kind of adjective or any kind of object to the words. i mean, i think we've moved beyond that. i don't know if it's better but i think we've moved beyond that. doug wead, historically in your mind, i personally believe there is no way forward for this president now other than to declare a national emergency, secure the damn border and say the hell with any more of this presumed negotiation. it's fraudulent on the part of the left. secure the border and secure the nation. >> i think you're right. i think part of what the democrats are doing is trying to destroy the economy. they wished it out loud. they said it out loud. and perhaps with this shutdown they feel it's the only way they
7:25 pm
can stop this president from completely doing what lbj's war on poverty was went to do and that is to bring the poorest of the poor out of the poverty and give them jobs, what an idea, jobs, not food stamps. lou: and this president is pron, anproving, one of the greatest fears of the left, he's prog heg he is the president of all americans as he promised he would be. michael goodwin, doug wead, thank you. up next, convicted felon michael cohen postponed -- imagine this. he's decided he maybe doesn't want to testify in front of congress right now. attorney clee that mitchell joins us tonight. let's look at the debt, the national debt. there it is. we're racking it up pretty good, aren't we? we'll be right back after this. stay with us. [indistinct conversation]
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lou: michael cohen, the president's former attorney, one of them, won't be testifying before congress next month as planned. cohen's attorney lanny davis says it's because of unspecified threats coming from the white house. the president today responded. >> i would say he's been threatened by the truth. he's only be threatened by the truth. and he doesn't want to do that probably for me or other of his clients. lou: and meanwhile special council robert mueller's office issued a rare statement last week disputin disputing the buzs story, the claim by michael cohen that the president had told cohen to lie to congress. that's what happens to convicted liars. they get convicted again and again it seems. at least this time by the special counsel. joining me now, attorney, former member of the oklahoma house of representatives, cleta mitchell.
7:31 pm
thanks for joining us. i'm getting a kick out of this. this is a pretty well orchestrated effort, it seems to me, on the part of the left to kind of distract from the reality that the special counsel has called this principle witness who is going to show up before the house committee on what was it, the 7th of february, that looks like a distraction from the fact that they have got a fellow that they're parading around who is a liar, caught lying again, after who was found safe by a clinton attorney, lanny davis, one of her most prominent. i mean you don't suppose i'm just being, well, cynical, here, do you, suspect that they're trying to run a game? >> well what i think is that the democrats need to be careful about having michael cohen as their star witness. they were so gleeful when they announced that he was going to testify. lou: cummings was just beside himself. >> and i think they ought to look at each other and think,
7:32 pm
well maybe at first blush that's a good idea. but let's just stop and review this bidding. michael cohen has signed and agreed to about a 50-page plea agreement that details the most sordid financial lies and distortions and things that, crimes that he has committed that have nothing to do with -- lou: wait a minute. do you think that's going to slow down cummings and the group, pelosi. >> no. lou: let's look at the reality, cleta. and that is that the special counsel has put forward the straightforward statement that the statements by michael cohen are inaccurate about the president. >> that's right. lou: about the reporting by buzzfeed, all of it. >> right. lou: wabuzzfeed are the ones who wept with the original story that started all of this nonsense. >> about the dossier. lou: and i don't think we should quite avert our qulies fro eyest
7:33 pm
central reality. it is material, as you folks say in the legal business, it's material, it's defining and it describes the radical dimms in this country for what they are, what they've done to this presidency and what they're continuing to try to get away with. >> all i was saying about cohen and this plea agreement is that this guy is a complete disgusting liar. lou: he's a convicted liar. >> he's a conman. a liar. lou: i stipulate. i so stipulate. >> you would never put this guy on the witness stand is all i'm saying. he's completely discredited. lou: okay. >> he's a liar. lou: what do you think -- i stipulate it. i don't know what else to do. but i want to say thank you. it's great. >> the democrats are going to bank on this guy, they're going to bank on this guy, going to trot him out there. oh my gosh.
7:34 pm
please don't throw us in that briar patch. that is really rich that they're going to put their hopes on this guy. lou: they're not going to. lanny davis saw to that today. >> i don't think he'll ever show up. i don't think he can say two sentences together that are truthful and that he would be lying to congress if he showed up. lou: cleta, i tank yo thank your showing up. up next, thousands protest in the streets of venezuela's capital opposing nicolas maduro's presidency. we take up the collapse of his socialist government. the role china is playing in the region, and russia and yes, did i mention iran in the western hemisphere in gordon chang joins me next. stay with us. we'll be right back. like my bike and my calves.
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lou: venezuelan president nicolas maduro given u.s. diplomatic personnel 72 hours to leave venezuela. this comes after president trump recognized national assembly president as the legitimate president of venezuela. hundreds of thousands of venezuelans marching in the streets to end the rule of maduro. russia unveiling a new cruise misthal the united states says breaches the inf treaty. russia says the missile has a
7:39 pm
range of 280 miles, within the treaty limit ps. u.s. says it will begin to pull out of the agreement on the 2nd of february until russia destroys the new missile system all together. today's unveiling comes amid a report that russia has built a ring of air missile defense that far outperforming the nearly 40-year-old u.s. patriot missile program and threatens the reach of the u.s. military air force. well joining us now, columnist, author, asian expert gordon chang. great ff yo to have you with us. i want to start with the missile defense violation. they come right up to the line, those russians. the united states seems to be playing from, you know, behind the sticks as they say in football. and we've got to catch up. they've got hyper velocity missiles, all sorts of surface to air defense systems and missiles and seem to be moving
7:40 pm
ahead. what do you make of it? >> in one critical area. hyper sonic glide vehicles that deliver nuke weapons, both the russianings and the chinese are probably ahead of the united states by at least three or four years. and this inf treaty violation that you talked about, you know, we've been talking to the russians since 2008 about this particular cruise missile. it certainly goes more than 298 miles. it goes above the lower limit which is 500-kilometers. so clearly what we've got here is the nail your of the u.s. to enforce the inf treaty. and it's good that president trump saying i'm not going to stay in a treaty 0 financial we're going to observe it. lou: 500-kilometers equals 300 miles. >> 310 miles. lou: i always do the 6, the 0.6 conversion. the fact of the matter is that we have in this hemisphere a
7:41 pm
fairly significant nexus in venezuela for the forces, the strong and the big powerers. that would be russia and china and iran in venezuela. and this has -- it looks as thoi we're about to see a regime change. what do you make of snit. >> you talk about the nukes. the russians sent over two bomber to venezuela a couple of months ago. they've got defense ties with moscow. china is supporting venezuela to the tune of 23, $24 billion worth of exposure. the chinese extended another credit line to maduro a month or two ago. clearly china is keeping the venezuelan socialism in power. lou: and iran moving warships, it says it will into the atlantic in the next six months and will make a port of call in
7:42 pm looks as though there's a manifest effort of solidarity among china, russia and iran in this hemisphere, no accidents. >> really what's going on here is you have those three countries and three regimes wanting to stick it to not only the united states but to other countries in the region. and so they've been working very closely with cuba and with venezuela to keep socialism alive in this hemisphere. lou: if it's alive, it's on life support because it's utterly afailed state. >> look. the ideology of course is failed but they've put a lot of money behind tight keep maduro and before him chavez going. we have a monroe doctrine. we don't want colonial powers in our region. and clearly we're willing to compete with the chinese on a fair basis. we welcome i the chinese into
7:43 pm
the -- lou: no we wouldn't. why should we do that. >> we shouldn't have but we did. we're willing to compete with them on a fair basis. but what they're doing in venezuela and cuba and elsewhere isn't fair. and clearly the chinese influence in the region is malign. lou: you know russia is not our friend. they've made it clear. the chinese are not and neither are the iranians. we're tolerating this at this point. there will be, it looks as though, a new government in crock kus. this president has has recognized the young political leader who is the president of the national assembly as the interim president. is it possible that this is too soon to have already made that move? the president is being applauded and i think readily so but it seems very early in the process. >> and this is a dynamic situation and we don't know how this will end up.
7:44 pm
but you do have those people on the streets which is clearly discontent over the course of a decade against socialism in venezuela. this is - going to be a very vey difficult situation for us. but the one thing the trump administration has done, to its credit, is lined up allies, canada, brazil, chile wob, couns in the area. lou: gordon chang, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. up next, the white house predicting an economic snapback after the government shutdown ends. we'll take all of that up right after the break and the state of the union, economically, the political economy. things like that. stay with us. we'll be right back. i just wanted to show you something i've been wor... ♪ james r. and associates. anna speaking...
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call now to learn more. lou: on wall street another volatile session. stocks closing higher, the dow up 171 points, but it took a lot of work to get to 171. the s&p gained 6, the nasdaq up 5. volume on the big board only 3.3 billion shares. crude oil closing relatively flat, nearly $53 a barrel. gold, silver, copper, all of
7:49 pm
those metals flat. and a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. the white house chief economist has predicted the impact of the government shotdown on the economy, if it lasts for a few months, he did that on cnn as the shutdown entered its 33rd day. here he is. >> could we get zero growth in i want to nail this down. >> we could. >> we could. wow. >> if it extended for the whole quarter and given the fact that the first quarter tends to be low because of residual seasonal nalty. you could end up with a number close to zero. lou: joining us tonight is a ceo and one of the finest minds on money in the world. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: i'm delighted to have you with us so that we can get some
7:50 pm
perspective from your agile mind on a number of issues. kevin hassett, were you surprised he would say zero growth if this were to go three months? >> no. like you said. he qualified it. the important thing to remember is that most of the impact of a government shutdown tend to be temporary and reversible. so what you typically get is a v. the quarter in which the partial shutdown is occurring, growth gets hit but you make up most of it in the following quarter. lou: the so-called snapback as our friend larry kudlow is reminding everyone today. and this economy of ours, it still looks so strong to me. i can't imagine an economy, given everything that we've gone through, being this strong.
7:51 pm
it seems to be driving force with plenty of animal spirits in the markets and a lot of energy in the economy itself. your thoughts. >> yes. and you saw it again in the last employment we polled, which is a comprehensive monthly checkup for the economy. this economy created jobs, over 300,000. that's twice as much as what the economists expected. wage growth is going up and people are coming back into the labor force. so it's positive in all aspects. and why? because unlike other countries, the u.s. has implemented progrowth policies, deregulation, tax reform. and that has given us an impetus, even so late in the expansion. lou: and this president deserves, immense credit, do you not agree, what he has done with deregulation from the moment he assumed office. and we can track, from the moment he was elected forward to
7:52 pm
see what impact he's had on these economies, these markets and it's coast to coast and border to border as they say. there doesn't seem to be an exception to the prosperity that's been restored? in just a little over two years. and he said he would be president of all of the people. and when you look at -- by race, the demographics, whether it's say shaasian or african-americar hispanic, whomever, we see record low unemployment. >> we do. and like you say, this is interesting because this latest phase of the expansion has brought up the more challenged segments of society. so minorities have done better. blue collar has done better than white kol collar. white collar. you're getting an inclusive
7:53 pm
growth. europe is slowing, china is having difficulty navigating its new reality. the u.s. is outpacing others, not just in relative terms but absolute terms as well. lou: do you find it interesting as we watch the politics -- i love the fact that the british teach political economy, not economics but political economy -- that we haven't had too many world leaders step up and say, president trump is exactly right in his call for balanced trade to remove impediments to balance and reciprocal trade, ir irrespectie of the consecutive trade deficits and national deficits, the u.s. budget has been extraordinary. we've had twin deficits. we put up the chart every night here. we're headed toward $22 trillion national debt and the economy can't keep up at that rate.
7:54 pm
>> yeah. i suspect you'll find that most leaders outside the u.s. and certainly the business community will say it's good that finally someone is taking on china on three things. one, the force transfer technology. a lot of businesses find that in order to do business in china they've got to give up the technology. lou: it's called theft. it would be like a robber walking into a bank with a gun saying i want to force a transfer of currency here. who thinks like that? but that's the way that we all talk. >> lou, theft comes on top of that. to safeguards against that. and then the third element is that if you're going to be taking advantage and using the global economy to power your growth forward, you've got to be a responsible stakeholder 37 and and i think that the notion that free trade has to be fair trade has caught on. and it wouldn't surprise me if
7:55 pm
you saw more people support the stance of it's time to get free and fair trade. lou: an idea whose time have gone. thank you very much for being with us. i look forward to continuing the conversation. come back soon, please. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, president trump making new plans for his state of the union adrise address aftg disinvited by the very rude speaker of the house. more on that when we continue. stay with us. we'll be right back. .. ♪
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on renters insurance. lou: house republicans say nancy pelosi's petty tactics uninvitinged the president from the state of the union. >> first democrats voted for a wall, then they said it's racist and immoral. now they don't want the president to talk about a wall in congress delivering the state of the union address. nancy pelosi can say where donald trump can give a speech? give me a break. lou: tomorrow the senate will vote on two competing votes that could end the shutdown. both bills apparently doomed to failure. venezuelan president nicolas maduro giving diplomatic
8:00 pm
personnel 72 hours in which to leave venezuela. this comes as president trump recognizes the opposition leader as the interim president of venezuela. trish: breaking right now. socialist venezuela one step closer to freedom. president trump and mike pence announcing their support for and recognition of this man that you see on the screen. a brave 35-year-old married father, form assembly member, and now the new president of venezuela, juan guaido. and the crowd loving it. watch. th


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